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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
spelling in usage text 2013-11-16 L. Hanisch New
reconnect to lirc socket even if it doesn't exist on startup 2013-10-26 L. Hanisch New
difference between "g++ -pthread" and "g++ -lpthread" 2013-04-14 L. Hanisch New
[ANNOUNCE] vdr-menuorg 0.5.0 2013-03-17 L. Hanisch New
[ANNOUNCE] vdr-menuorg 0.5.0 2013-03-17 L. Hanisch New
small typo in skin.h 2012-12-01 L. Hanisch New
[ANNOUNCE] vdr-rotorng-0.3 2012-10-25 L. Hanisch New
correct some includes at plugins 2012-10-20 L. Hanisch New
vdr 1.7.27 - can add groupsep with NEWC 2012-04-25 L. Hanisch New
vdr/config.c: memset has wrong parameters 2011-12-21 L. Hanisch New
[v2] multi-frontend-support for vdr 1.7.21 2011-11-30 L. Hanisch New
VDR and Hybrid DVB Cards ( was "HVR 4000 drivers broken - adapter0/frontend1 busy" in linux-media list ) 2011-11-16 L. Hanisch New
for cards like Cine-C/T with multiple frontends but only one shared demux/dvr 2011-11-09 L. Hanisch New
[ANNOUNCE] dynamite plugin 2011-03-23 L. Hanisch New

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