spelling in usage text

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L. Hanisch Nov. 16, 2013, 2:31 p.m. UTC

"            --vfat         for backwards compatibility (same as\n"
"                           --dirnames=250,40,1\n"

 Either use a comma before "same" or a closing bracket in the second line.
 Whatever you prefer, I would take the comma. :)

 Patches attached for both variants.



diff --git a/vdr.c b/vdr.c
index 083d838..31c1928 100644
--- a/vdr.c
+++ b/vdr.c
@@ -539,7 +539,7 @@  int main(int argc, char *argv[])
                "            --userdump     allow coredumps if -u is given (debugging)\n"
                "  -v DIR,   --video=DIR    use DIR as video directory (default: %s)\n"
                "  -V,       --version      print version information and exit\n"
-               "            --vfat         for backwards compatibility (same as\n"
+               "            --vfat         for backwards compatibility, same as\n"
                "                           --dirnames=250,40,1\n"
                "  -w SEC,   --watchdog=SEC activate the watchdog timer with a timeout of SEC\n"
                "                           seconds (default: %d); '0' disables the watchdog\n"