[v4,00/11] media: Fix the last set of coccinelle warnings

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Series media: Fix the last set of coccinelle warnings |


Ricardo Ribalda June 6, 2024, 1:16 p.m. UTC
  With this set we are done with all the cocci warning/errors.

Signed-off-by: Ricardo Ribalda <ribalda@chromium.org>
Changes in v4:
- Remove patches already merged
- Combine dvb-frontend/mxl5xx patches and use flex on both (Thanks Hans)
- Link to v3: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240527-cocci-flexarray-v3-0-cda09c535816@chromium.org

Changes in v3:
- Do not rename structure fields. (Thanks Bryan)
- Link to v2: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240507-cocci-flexarray-v2-0-7aea262cf065@chromium.org

Changes in v2:
- allegro: Replace hard coded 1 with a define. (Thanks Michael)
- Link to v1: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240507-cocci-flexarray-v1-0-4a421c21fd06@chromium.org

Ricardo Ribalda (11):
      media: dvb-frontend/mxl5xx: Refactor struct MBIN_FILE_T and MBIN_SEGMENT_T
      media: venus: Remove unused structs
      media: venus: Use flex array for hfi_session_release_buffer_pkt
      media: venus: Refactor struct hfi_uncompressed_plane_info
      media: venus: Refactor struct hfi_session_get_property_pkt
      media: venus: Refactor struct hfi_uncompressed_format_supported
      media: venus: Refactor hfi_session_empty_buffer_uncompressed_plane0_pkt
      media: venus: Refactor hfi_session_empty_buffer_compressed_pkt
      media: venus: Refactor hfi_sys_get_property_pkt
      media: venus: Refactor hfi_session_fill_buffer_pkt
      media: venus: Refactor hfi_buffer_alloc_mode_supported

 drivers/media/dvb-frontends/mxl5xx_defs.h      |  4 +--
 drivers/media/platform/qcom/venus/hfi_cmds.c   |  8 ++---
 drivers/media/platform/qcom/venus/hfi_cmds.h   | 38 ++++------------------
 drivers/media/platform/qcom/venus/hfi_helper.h | 45 ++------------------------
 drivers/media/platform/qcom/venus/hfi_parser.c |  2 +-
 5 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 81 deletions(-)
base-commit: 24147897507cd3a7d63745d1518a638bf4132238
change-id: 20240507-cocci-flexarray-9a807a8e108e

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