[ANNOUNCE] vdr-xine-0.7.4 plugin

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Darren Salt May 11, 2005, 11:07 p.m. UTC
  The attached patch adds documentation of gxine's VDR support to the manual.


Reinhard Nissl May 13, 2005, 7:05 p.m. UTC | #1

Darren Salt wrote:
> The attached patch adds documentation of gxine's VDR support to the manual.

Thank you very much for supplying the patch. It will be included in the 
next release.



diff -urNad vdr-plugin-xine-0.7.4/MANUAL /tmp/dpep.6MlAzt/vdr-plugin-xine-0.7.4/MANUAL
--- vdr-plugin-xine-0.7.4/MANUAL	2005-04-11 21:43:39.000000000 +0100
+++ /tmp/dpep.6MlAzt/vdr-plugin-xine-0.7.4/MANUAL	2005-05-12 00:02:05.404861240 +0100
@@ -180,8 +180,43 @@ 
 	'menu select'
+And similarly for gxine...
+You'll find several VDR-specific keybindings in gxine's key binding editor:
+		Used for VDR				VDR-specific
+	"Play"		Menu bindings			"Red"
+	"Pause"		Number key bindings		"Green"
+	"Stop"		"Volume +"			"Yellow"
+	"Up"		"Volume -"			"Blue"
+	"Down"		"Mute"				"Record"
+	"Left"						"Power"
+	"Right"		"Select/OK"			"Back"
+	"Rewind / Back 1 min"				"Audio"
+	"Fast forward / Forward 1 min"
+You'll notice that the menu bindings have their VDR functions in [brackets].
+If not all of these bindings are present, try "Add new default bindings"
+from the Reload menu; if they still aren't, you're running an older version
+of gxine.
+The volume control bindings assume that VDR is passing volume control events
+back to gxine - in the xine plugin's configuration, you need
+	Control xine's volume	Yes
+	Muting			Execute
+for these bindings to work.
+This applies whether you're using xine, gxine or some other xine-lib front
 xine uses large buffers to gain smooth playback. The drawback is that VDR puts
 a lot of data into xine's buffers and therefore VDR's progress indicator is 
@@ -234,6 +269,15 @@ 
 			(use specfied deinterlacer)
 	-L		(disable LIRC support)
+Options for gxine (X11 required):
+	-V vidix	(for normal TV on my Matrox G550)
+	-V xshm		(for watching HDTV)
+	-A alsa		(use alsa sound system)
+	Other options must (as of 0.4.4) be configured from within gxine.
 Options for fbxine (no X11 required):
 	-V vidixfb	(for normal TV on my Matrox G550)