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  Add documentation for rp1-cfe driver.

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+digraph board {
+	rankdir=TB
+	n00000001 [label="{{<port0> 0} | csi2\n/dev/v4l-subdev0 | {<port1> 1 | <port2> 2 | <port3> 3 | <port4> 4}}", shape=Mrecord, style=filled, fillcolor=green]
+	n00000001:port1 -> n00000011 [style=dashed]
+	n00000001:port1 -> n00000007:port0
+	n00000001:port2 -> n00000015
+	n00000001:port2 -> n00000007:port0 [style=dashed]
+	n00000001:port3 -> n00000019 [style=dashed]
+	n00000001:port3 -> n00000007:port0 [style=dashed]
+	n00000001:port4 -> n0000001d [style=dashed]
+	n00000001:port4 -> n00000007:port0 [style=dashed]
+	n00000007 [label="{{<port0> 0 | <port1> 1} | pisp-fe\n/dev/v4l-subdev1 | {<port2> 2 | <port3> 3 | <port4> 4}}", shape=Mrecord, style=filled, fillcolor=green]
+	n00000007:port2 -> n00000021
+	n00000007:port3 -> n00000025 [style=dashed]
+	n00000007:port4 -> n00000029
+	n0000000d [label="{imx219 6-0010\n/dev/v4l-subdev2 | {<port0> 0}}", shape=Mrecord, style=filled, fillcolor=green]
+	n0000000d:port0 -> n00000001:port0 [style=bold]
+	n00000011 [label="rp1-cfe-csi2-ch0\n/dev/video0", shape=box, style=filled, fillcolor=yellow]
+	n00000015 [label="rp1-cfe-csi2-ch1\n/dev/video1", shape=box, style=filled, fillcolor=yellow]
+	n00000019 [label="rp1-cfe-csi2-ch2\n/dev/video2", shape=box, style=filled, fillcolor=yellow]
+	n0000001d [label="rp1-cfe-csi2-ch3\n/dev/video3", shape=box, style=filled, fillcolor=yellow]
+	n00000021 [label="rp1-cfe-fe-image0\n/dev/video4", shape=box, style=filled, fillcolor=yellow]
+	n00000025 [label="rp1-cfe-fe-image1\n/dev/video5", shape=box, style=filled, fillcolor=yellow]
+	n00000029 [label="rp1-cfe-fe-stats\n/dev/video6", shape=box, style=filled, fillcolor=yellow]
+	n0000002d [label="rp1-cfe-fe-config\n/dev/video7", shape=box, style=filled, fillcolor=yellow]
+	n0000002d -> n00000007:port1
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+.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
+Raspberry Pi PiSP Camera Front End (rp1-cfe)
+The PiSP Camera Front End
+The PiSP Camera Front End (CFE) is a module which combines a CSI-2 receiver with
+a simple ISP, called the Front End (FE).
+The CFE has four DMA engines and can write frames from four separate streams
+received from the CSI-2 to the memory. One of those streams can also be routed
+directly to the FE, which can do minimal image processing, write two versions
+(e.g. non-scaled and downscaled versions) of the received frames to memory and
+provide statistics of the received frames.
+The FE registers are documented in the `Raspberry Pi Image Signal Processor
+(ISP) Specification document
+and example code for FE can be found in `libpisp
+The rp1-cfe driver
+The Raspberry Pi PiSP Camera Front End (rp1-cfe) driver is located under
+drivers/media/platform/raspberrypi/rp1-cfe. It uses the `V4L2 API` to register
+a number of video capture and output devices, the `V4L2 subdev API` to register
+subdevices for the CSI-2 received and the FE that connects the video devices in
+a single media graph realized using the `Media Controller (MC) API`.
+The media topology registered by the `rp1-cfe` driver, in this particular
+example connected to an imx219 sensor, is the following one:
+.. _rp1-cfe-topology:
+.. kernel-figure:: raspberrypi-rp1-cfe.dot
+    :alt:   Diagram of an example media pipeline topology
+    :align: center
+The media graph contains the following video device nodes:
+- rp1-cfe-csi2-ch0: capture device for the first CSI-2 stream
+- rp1-cfe-csi2-ch1: capture device for the second CSI-2 stream
+- rp1-cfe-csi2-ch2: capture device for the third CSI-2 stream
+- rp1-cfe-csi2-ch3: capture device for the fourth CSI-2 stream
+- rp1-cfe-fe-image0: capture device for the first FE output
+- rp1-cfe-fe-image1: capture device for the second FE output
+- rp1-cfe-fe-stats: capture device for the FE statistics
+- rp1-cfe-fe-config: output device for FE configuration
+The rp1-cfe-csi2-chX capture devices are normal V4L2 capture devices which
+can be used to capture video frames or metadata received from the CSI-2.
+rp1-cfe-fe-image0, rp1-cfe-fe-image1
+The rp1-cfe-fe-image0 and rp1-cfe-fe-image1 capture devices are used to write
+the processed frames to memory.
+The format of the FE statistics buffer is defined by
+:c:type:`pisp_statistics` C structure and the meaning of each parameter is
+described in the `PiSP specification` document.
+The format of the FE configuration buffer is defined by
+:c:type:`pisp_fe_config` C structure and the meaning of each parameter is
+described in the `PiSP specification` document.
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+	raspberrypi-rp1-cfe